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AUA User Groups
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All Ajera User Groups known by the Ajera Users Association can be found through our Group Portal HERE

If you do not locate an existing User Group in our Group Portal, please check out the information below on starting a User Group.

Starting a USER Group

Below are some steps to help you get started with your local user group.  Not all aspects work for all groups.  Find the format that works best for your group or try coming up with your own.  All groups are not created equally!

Keep in mind that you can’t have a group unless you know who your audience is, so identifying them is a key part of all these options. You need to know firms, e-mails, etc.

  1. Identify who your audience is.
    • Reach out to Deltek and tell them that you are interested in hosting a group HEREDeltek will send out an e-mail to poll the Ajera Users in your area to let them know that you are interested in forming a group and if they are interested in joining.
    • Add a post to the "Finding a User Group" Forum on the AUA website HERE to see if others in your area are also looking for a Users Group.
    • Search our member directory for AUA members nearby and reach out to them to see if they are interested in joining/creating a group.
  2. Engage your potential users by asking them in an email (or through our forum) what they would be interested in discussing/learning in these meetings.  Would they be interested in speaking on a topic?  How often would the potential group members want to meet, etc.
  3. Sit back and see what the e-mail poll will generate and how many folks you have in your area.
  4. Once the results are produced,determine the best location to hold your meetings. It is often helpful if the location moves around among the members. This not only helps with networking, but also reduces the burden on the firm(s).


  1. Deltek Assistance – If you reach out at least 8 weeks in advance of your meeting date, Deltek can assist with email promotions, speakers, etc. You may also request reimbursement for lunches of up to $25 per person per quarter. These reimbursements take about 30-45 days to be processed and requests must include itemized receipts and complete attendee list.
    • NOTE: Funding is not guaranteed for User Group Meetings and requests that come in after-the-fact cannot be supported. It is important to engage Deltek 8 weeks or more prior to a meeting you want supported so they can review and assess available budget and resources. Reach out to Kristen Monsey at or 972.999.3075 to request assistance.
  2. Find a Sponsor – Some groups find it helpful to get a company or consultant to "sponsor" your meetings by providing speakers, topics, and/or lunches/refreshments.
  3. What to talk about – Try to have a speaker and/or topic lined up for the first time. Ajera consultants are great to use and Deltek (contact info above) may be able to help with ideas and coordination. If you can't find a speaker, don't skip your meeting. Providing an open forum for discussion among members is still really helpful.
  4. Day of meeting – be sure to have a sign-up sheet which includes name, company, and email address.You will need the sign-in sheet to turn into Deltek along with lunch receipts for any potential reimbursement. This also allows you to contact the attendees for future meetings and announcements.
  5. Name your group – This is always fun and engaging. The Houston group is called HUG (Houston User Group)
  6. Housekeeping – Either at the beginning of the meeting, or at the end. Be sure to thank your Host/Speaker/Sponsor, decide on the next meeting and where it will be, topic, speaker, etc.
  7. Grow the Group – Encourage other users to join AUA. Discuss the benefits and talk about the conference. The AUA Conference is best place for full Ajera immersion and connecting with new users.


The following is a brief list of discussion topics.  Some of the best meetings are those without a planned agenda - just open discussion. 

  1. New Features in Ajera - talk about new releases and benefits/bugs members have found
  2. Project Command Center
    1. How to Open Projects using Templates
    2. How to Close Projects (Close Procedure)
    3. Invoice Groups
    4. Security
  3. Invoicing
    1. How to use Paperless Billing
    2. E-mailing Invoices
    3. New Client Statement email
  4. Outsourced Payroll
  5. Business Development
    1. Tracking Win/Loss Rate
    2. Correct Format to set up Proposals in PCC
  6. Widgets
  7. Inquiries